The wines come from vines cultivated without chemical... "organic"

The wines

Blends and generics






− Cépage : Muscat Petits Grains 100 %
− Age : planted in 1998
− Parcel : Lesquerde, arènes granitiques, 295 m. d’altitude.


This wine displays bright fruit, drawing its elegance from various winemaking techniques.

Amphorae were used to age the wine, flattering the fruit and the silky quality. Then it finished ageing in barrels, giving it complexity and harmony.


Quartier Libre






- Cépages : Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Lladoner Pelut, Macabeu.
- Age : from 40 to 70 years old.
- Parcels : Altitudes from 130 to 300m with great diversity of soils (black schists, sands, granits…) and of exposures.



This wine displays bright fruit, drawing its elegance from various winemaking techniques.

Amphorae were used to age the wine, flattering the fruit and the silky quality.  Then it finished ageing in barrels, giving it complexity and harmony. 

Côtes  du  Roussillon  Villages






− Cépages, en proportion décroissante : Carignan, Grenache, Lladoner Pelut, Syrah, Macabeu.
− Age : between 60 to 100 years old.
− Parcels : located between 130 and 300m in altitude, with a great diversity of exposure and soils (granite, clay-limestone alluviums, black schists), in the villages of Lesquerde, Maury, Centernach and St Paul de Fenouillet.



The great diversity of soils allows us to develop a blend of fine concentration, thanks to a certain speed of the harvest this year.


In the cellar, the wine is matured by playing on heterogeneity, varietal by varietal, plot by plot, in the barrels, for 16 months.

Côtes du Roussillon






− Cépages : Macabeu and Grenache gris.
− Age : planted in 1950
− Parcel : Black schists north facing plot at 269 m high.


This plot is located in a cool area: the average humidity is higher than in Maury, it benefits from the rains from Caudiès, a village located further upstream. Still, drought was felt there this year, with clusters half the size of the usual. The vines are planted on ancient meadows, embracing a hillside of lightly sloping black schists, facing north. We chose to harvest early and let all of this freshness express itself.



In this dynamic, the twelve-month aging is done over fine lees, in tanks and amphoras, facilitating long and soft exchanges and the emergence of an aromatic complexity retaining the freshness of the terroir. 







− Cépage : Grenache noir 100%

− Age : planted in the 80's

− Altitude : between 50 and 200m 


Chosen for their potential to engender great fortified wines, our vineyards in Maury are well-exposed to winds and sunshine and the soils are composed of black schists. The blend highlights the divided terroir, creating a very interesting balance that we are seeking.


This Maury is also a blend of two wine-making techniques: a traditional Maury vinification with a traditional Portuguese vinification in « lagar ». This means that the grapes are destemmed and crushed gently with regularity. Then pure alcohol is added to the wine in order to stop the fermentation. And finally, the wine is matured in oak barrels « sur lie fine » for 10 months.




Single vineyards

La Coutibe






− Cépages : Grenache noir, Grenache gris, Macabeu
− Age : planted in the 40's
− Altitude : 270 m.
− Area : 1.5 ha.


The plot, planted, is lengthwise on two hills: last folds before the cliff  at the southwestern limit. Black schist, the soil is worked exclusively by the horse, as the rows are not wide enough to allow a tractor passage.


First real harvest (despite the severe dryness) after the restructuring work at pruning and complex plowing, the rare and small grapes are harvested at a very good phenolic maturity.

In the cellar, the delicious and easy indigenous fermentations take place quickly and La Coutibe is aged 16 months in barrels of 2 wines.


Falguayra Nord






− Cépage : Grenache noir 100%
− Age : planted in 1981
− Altitude : 200 m.
− Area : 0,58 ha


Chosen for its potential to make great Natural Sweet Wines, the plot keeps all its promises. Located on a south-facing steep slope, it is swept by an almost incessant Tramontane wind.


The almost zero disease pressure on this plot associated to a slow ripening made it possible to bring in the Falguayra grapes with optimal maturity. Enough to handle the fortification.



Aged  in barrel, Falguayra Nord is a blend of two combined vinification processes: Maury’s traditional vinification is associated, for a part of this production, with a Portuguese vinification in lagar (destemmed grapes foot crushed slowly and regularly) before the fortification operation and aging on fine lees.